My Greek Wedding: Pre-wedding boat trip

Not your typical rehearsal dinner party.
Nothing about our wedding has been done by the books, the entire process beginning to the end was 100% us, which was filled with fun ideas. Having guests fly across the world to witness our big day was a lot to ask for and we had to make sure we have something fun planned for all of those who did stop their lives and hopped on the plane to spend a week with us in Greece.
Choosing an activity was pretty easy as neither one of us like formal dinners and not having a wedding party we knew we have to include everyone into a pre-wedding activity. We both love boats, sun and a good drink - so planning a private sunset boat trip was a no brainer for us! It was something we knew all the guests would enjoy and have fun at. Now that we had an idea we wanted to make it that much more fun, memorable and personal for all.
Pre-wedding party checklist: 
  • Personal gifts. I've always loved personalized hats and our wedding gave me an opportunity to make a hat for each girl that was joining the boat trip. You're probably wondering why I didn't just buy them, the truth is that each hat which I needed more than 10 of added up to hundreds of dollars and there was nothing personal about that besides adding my credit card number during the check out. So, I went to Michael's bought sequin, sewing kit and kept myself busy for the next few days creating these personalized hats for all. To make mine and my mom's hats stand out a little more I made them into "Bride" and "Mom Of The Bride". Along the way I came across these fun hats "Bride" and "Groom" online that I purchased specifically for the photos of me and Adam, which later we ended up wearing the entire week as they came in pretty handy. 
  • Playlist. Not sure if I have mentioned it previously but I was working on our wedding playlist for a few days, which included breaking down the night to different parts like dinner/cutting cake etc.  Because we wanted everyone to dance and have fun at the wedding itself, we decided to bring the same playlist to the boat trip and get everyone familiar with the songs prior to the wedding. 
  • Highlight of the party. Finding something that will be a highlight of the party is extremely important. The biggest surprise besides a panda costume at our wedding was these floaties that have literally travelled the world with us in the suitcase (can you only imagine what people at the airport thought that screened our luggage thought??). You're probably wondering why didn't we just purchase them there..well, there is no stores with floaties like these! They're either super small and are for kids or they're simply no fun. We wanted to bring something that two people could fit on and that could be big enough to be seen on the drone when filming. 
Big thank you to Eva Rendl for going along with us to take all the photos of this craziness! :p


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