Wedding Guests Mistakes to avoid.

Addressing issues no one talks about.
Now that I am almost done with our wedding planning I thought it's important to share some things no one wants to talk about that play such a big role of the big day. I am pretty sure we're all somewhat guilty of at least one mistakes below, so I am laying it all out here to try and avoid them in the future. 
Wedding guests mistakes to avoid: 
RSVP. Do not commit and RSVP if you aren't 100% sure. Once you have confirmed [no matter how far away the date is], deposits are being put down for you including menu, transportation etc. Most of the time nothing is refundable and things like guests boards, menus etc. have to be sent back to the to be remade.
Dress code. There is a reason why each wedding has a color scheme that bride and groom have picked. Quite often you'll see someone also dressed that doesn't fit in, simply ask the bride what the colors are and what she suggests to wear - trust me, she'd rather be asked than look back at the pictures and see someone wearing an orange dress that sticks out of the crowd. 
Worst case scenario has happened to me as well when I ended up wearing a dress that looked just like the bridesmaids' dresses! Yes..same color, same style etc. 
Wedding info. If there is a website set up or an invite card that includes all the wedding info, do not keep asking the bride and groom questions that have answers provided. They have enough going on and repeating same thing over and over for each guest can get overwhelming, for that reason a lot of time is invested in setting up websites and sending out invites.

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