Wedding Diary: His & Her side of the story.

His & Her side of story.
Now that over a year has gone by since Adam proposed to me I wanted to share a different outlook on our big day when he got on one knee and proposed, because let’s be real there is always two sides to a story and here - there is his and mine. If you read back to our Engagement Story post you’ll see many beautiful photos of the most beautiful beach in the world in Seychelles where he got on one knee and proposed. Today, I am partnering up with Jewelers Mutual to look back at that day through his eyes and mine.
His side of story.
Even though Adam knew I was “the one” the day we met it still took a while to plan the proposal, design the ring, get it made and most importantly get the insurance that he could rely on. Seychelles was our last and main stop of our trip, it began in Abu Dhabi and then we made our way to the beautiful islands. Adam carried the ring from Los Angeles through all the securities, planes, stops in between, hotels etc. until we made it to our final destination. Looking back at that trip I cannot even imagine how worried he must’ve been to know that such a tiny but a very powerful piece of jewelry could be lost anywhere in between those places.
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The moment of “uh oh” [we had a few of those]: When he first asked me for my ring size instead of me going to get it measured - I guessed it. Ladies, do not ever do this! Go get it measured so you don’t have to go through what I did. So here we are in Seychelles with a ring that’s two sizes [YASSSS 2!!!] too big for my finger, I mean it could literally fit on my thumb. Adam said he almost had a heart attack as we still had almost a week left of traveling and I had a ring that was loose. Unfortunately, due to my excitement and our happiness I kept the ring on for the rest of the trip by always holding onto it by the finger next to it. Taking risks? Yes, looking back at it I cannot believe he let me do that.
As you can tell his side of story is pretty dramatic - proposing on the beach with sand all around, me running around the entire island snapping photos and videos so that I could share it all over my social media with a ring that’s way too big - poor guy, he could’ve literally had a panic attack.

Her side of story.
When I first saw the ring I could not believe it, the way it shined when the light hit it and the way it was designed. I was overwhelmed with joy and loved - but that didn’t last long. I was quickly seated down by Adam telling me how important it is to take care of it and protect it for the rest of my life. Now, it was going to be up to me to guard this little beauty because Adam’s responsibility of making sure he doesn’t lose it was now over. So here I am exploring the islands far, far away from home dipping this ring into sand etc. to get the perfect picture and him yelling at me that if anything happens I’ll have to deal with it.
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Thank you Jewelers Mutual for partnering with me on this post. 

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