San Diego Travel Tips.

Weekend getaway to San Diego.
I've caught a travel bug and I don't even mind it. I feel like I have been living out of a suitcase over the past few months and I sure love it! Over the past two months we went to Cuba, Cabo, Miami and San Diego..  and in just two weeks we leave for Europe for our big day. So before I get too busy with all the wedding planning that I have been putting off I thought I will share my recap of our little getaway to San Diego just a few days ago. 
We left early Sunday morning to avoid all the traffic [as LA is an absolute nightmare, whether it's a weekday or a weekend], we checked in by 12PM and spent the day by the pool. On Sundays Pendry Hotel offers a pool party which is also open to public, so if you're trying to relax  have some fun during your mini vacay I suggest you go during the weekend and go back at the end of Sunday. Hotel also offers a few spots to eat at which unfortunately I did not get to try as we ended up taking a three hour nap [typical] and ended up walking down the street to check out a Mexican Restaurant late at night. 
Travel tips

STAY. Anywhere in SD Downtown area, Pendry Hotel being a number one as I was recommended the hotel as well and already cannot wait to come back. If you saw my Insta stories you saw my obsession over their marble counter tops, room views and their poolside. If you have upcoming travel plans to San Diego I highly suggest you stay in Downtown as that way you can walk literally anywhere you might want to. We went there for just one night & when we weren't lounging by the poolside we went explore the town. 
EAT. Ahh.. where do I begin, I have so many faves in SD. My all time favorite brunch spot would have to be Cafe 21 - it has delicious drinks, brunch food and the menu is pretty seasonal so every time you're there you have a chance to try something different and new. For dinner we stopped by a spot next to Pendry Hotel called "The Blind Burro" which was delish as we both love Mexican food. I tried their "power bowl" which I highly recommend for you to try if you're going to be in the area. 
SEE. From my own experience I don't have much to recommend as the entire city offers soo many cool places to see and explore. I suggest you wake up in the morning, get a coffee and go explore with no plans as that's the best & only way to find all the hidden gems.

Thanks Pendry Hotels for partnering with me on this post. 


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