How to plan a perfect picnic.

Tips & tricks on how to make your picnic perfect.
Third picnic in two months? Why not. It took me a while to nail down all the things that go into a picnic, so today I am sharing a fun detail you'll need to add to yours! It’s also a perfect one for a date night [day] as well.
The list for planning a picnic is endless, you need to pack everything you might end up needing. I like to compare picnics to road trips, since you can’t go back once you leave, you have to commit to what you have on you and make the most out of it. Now that you have all the basics such as blanket, glasses and some snacks you need worry about which wine to bring along. Well, VINEBOX has made it easy by bringing the variety of wines into a pretty box that you could literally bring anywhere with you.
My biggest struggle with wine [& pretty much everything else in life lol] is I get bored of the same thing over and over. VINEBOX is a subscription service where you get a diversity of wines packaged in three vials [per box] that are perfect for tasting a full glass of wine without the commitment of a whole bottle. If you're looking for a wine you can find at a grocery store around the corner from your home - you won't find it here. These wines are carefully curated and are selected from small vineyards all around the world so that you can get a taste of a special wine that's from another country and has been grown on a small winery by a passionate wino. We ended up bringing two boxes to our little picnic as we wanted to try quite a few, Adam is a big red wine drinker so he ended up having two or three glasses all to himself without sharing. The reason why these work for us and our lifestyle is he drinks [only] red and I am a big lover of white and rosé so this is a perfect product for both of us as neither one of us like sharing.
If this is the first time you're hearing of VINEBOX, I highly suggest you check out their website HERE and if you don't feel like subscribing right away, you can also try out their season option which right now is a rosé sampler on HERE.

What each box of VINEBOX includes:

  • Three glasses of wine
  • Background on each wine so that you know what to pair it up with, the taste and where it came from.

Because I am a true vino myself, they've given me a discount that I could share with YOU! Use a code [SKY10] at the checkout to get 10% off your membership!

Thank you VINEBOX for partnering with me on this post. 

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