Date night meals to swoon over.

If we can do it, you can too! 
If you've been keeping up with me on Insta stories for a while now you know I am no cook. As a matter of fact, every time Adam goes out of town I know the struggle of the fridge will be real! Not going to lie, I eat pretty boring dinners - I always stick to what I know and what I know is going to a grocery store and getting prepped meals [bad, I know].
A few months ago I shared a blog post on my goals for 2017, which included spending more time at workout classes and living a healthier lifestyle - trust me, these are not easy to manage when you're always on the go.
Just to tell you a bit about Purple Carrot:
  • Three different plans to pick from [we picked 3 unique meals a week, $68/week].  Every time we go out to to eat we spend around $100+ on a date night including the appetizer, two meals, and a few drinks - not to mention that you always feel pressured to leave after you're done eating so they can seat someone else after you! [ughh] It also takes a long time to get ready, pick a restaurant to go to, sit in traffic etc. and at the end of the day you have no idea what was even included in the meal you just had.
  • All the ingredients mailed to you are already pre measured so no need to get all your dishes and measuring cups dirty because that's already done for you [ahhhmazing!! less dishes, more time spent together haha].
  • Plant-based ingredients. If you're trying to eat healthy, it becomes hard to stay on track as the food we purchase is not usually fresh. Have you ever wondered why food can stay refrigerated for such a long time? I always do. If it doesn't turn brown and go bad within a few days, it's filled with chemicals - which is of course not good for you. This was another reason why Purple Carrot was on top of our list when looking into healthy options for meals. Plant-based food makes you feel more energized, boosts your immune system, and offers countless other benefits. To find out more you can visit Purple Carrot HERE to learn more about their products and meal plans!

So, with all of the above in mind, we decided to try out Purple Carrot and make food at home. We were able to see exactly what goes into the meal, and it's just so much more fun to cook together! [Let's be real though, he cooked I just opened products and read the recipe -- but it's still a joint effort, which is perfect for date nights!]

This past week we made Tempeh Tacos El Pastor, if you saw my Insta stories you saw the madness that was going on to capture all of this so that I could share it with you on here haha. Use code sky30 to get $30 off your first Purple Carrot order!

Thank you Purple Carrot for partnering with me on this post. 

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