Vacation mode: white staples you need

The must-have white pieces to add to your wardrobe now.
Yes, my love for a good all white outfit continues. When I saw Lulus changed up their website and made it easy to find what you're looking for by selecting a color it made my packing process for Cuba that much easier! They do offer almost every color that's out there and you can simply select it and all the clothes in that specific color will pop up, and I am not just talking about white or black dresses, they have peach in many other ones to chose from.
When I started packing for Cuba I wanted to bring something different and fun, partnering up with Lulus for my Cuban look was a great fit as their website is filled with many cute pieces for any occasion or vacation you may have coming up. When browsing for outfits I searched around for fun details on the outfits like tassels, pom poms and lace and accessories with bright colors to make the outfit pop more. The dresses showed in this post are both from Lulus [white collection]. I really loved the first mini white dress and the pretty tassel details on the sleeves, it was a fun look for a day one wandering around the Old Havana in Cuba. At night we headed over to dinner where I changed up my look for a more romantic all-white maxi dress [pictured below]. 
Also, if you're a bride to be I highly suggest heading over to their website as they have many great white pieces in their all white collection! I spotted quite a few dresses that are great for a bridal shower or any bridal festivities you might have planned. 


Mini dress: Lulus. Buy on HERE.
Maxi dress: Lulus. Buy on HERE.
Accessories: Lulus. Buy on HERE
Handbag: Lulus. Buy on HERE.

Thanks Lulus for partnering with me on this post. 

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