Talking Fitness.

Sharing what keeps me on track. 
We all have a love/hate relationship with fitness. Let's admit it there is just nothing fun nor exciting about it. Finding a reason to wake up in the morning and force yourself to go work out takes a lot of motivation and if there is no one around you who's pushy enough to get you through the door to work out you're most likely not going to do it. 
Well, after three years of being lazy and complaining about always being bloated, eating unhealthy and constantly saying that I only live once and I gotta live it to the fullest which is eating unlimited amounts of sweets and anything and everything my heart desired it was time to put a STOP to it.

Here is some of the tips of how I motivated myself to get back on track:
  • New year, new you. Yes, this was my main excuse. I thought that this year will be a new year where I could take care of my body and make goals to stick with throughout the entire year (hopefully a lifetime) and going back to a fit lifestyle was my biggest goal.
  • Too many Excuses. I always made up excuses and would question everything I eat because I always felt bloated. Well, in reality I was simply just feeling heavy and unhealthy from eating bad food. I was not bloated - I was slowly gaining weight. 
  • Exercise - you'll love. Find an exercise you will love, whether it's a hot yoga class, dance class, find something you will love doing that will give you exercise along the way. Hot yoga was my go-to, I have signed up for monthly classes and am going weekly, switching between different classes daily to keep myself interested. 
  • New work out clothes. First thing I did after signing up for hot yoga classes membership was new clothes, YAY! Nothing excites me more than a new outfit so this was a big part of pushing me to get back on track.
  • Craving replacement. Yes, I saved the best for last hehe mainly because it's also the hardest one out of all. I thought I will share what helps me personally to kill those cravings we all get! When you crave fattening foods, make an avocado with egg - allergic to eggs or simply don't like them? Make an avocado toast with season you like. Craving sweets? Grab a plain greek yogurt and add honey, it's not only healthy and good for you but most importantly it will kill that sweet tooth craving you've got. Your body will quickly get used to these replacements, most important part of this process if you always having these products available so that you stay on track. 
I really hope this post inspires you and pushes you to live a healthy lifestyle, it's easy to make up excuses and say we feel bloated, but the only person that can change it all is YOU!


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