Be my Valentine.

Just in time for Valentine's Day. 

Yep, I know what you're thinking that this is not a typical Valentine's day outfit. I am honestly so tired of pulling outfits that are either black or red just because it's Valentine's Day. I get it, red represents love but why wear a color that simply hurts my eyes haha. 
When I first came across this satin top on Pretty Little Thing I knew right then that this romantic piece will be perfect for a Valentine's date night look! If you ladies have visited their website you know how overwhelming it can get at times, there is just so many amazing items they have that at times you catch yourself adding almost everything you see to the cart haha. Well, it happened to me again. I ended up getting this gold satin top along with a long sleeve / very similar style but long sleeve with more detail on the sleeves. I am linking it at the bottom of the post so that in case you're loving a more covered look you can take a look at it. If you have not yet visited their website, I highly recommend it! Everything is budget friendly and new items are added almost daily. 


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