The Top 6 Shoe Styles.

Love shoes as much as I do? Well, in that case you'll love this post. 
I wanted to round up quite a few shoe styles that have been trendy all year long and it sure seems like they are not going anywhere anytime soon. (All the shoes in the images are from VICI, linked their website on HERE.) Some stylish ladies love bags, others accessories, but ask any fashion girl if she's into shoes, and the answer will be a yes! Because of this shared passion we all have, I've gathered a roundup of my current favorites for every occasion, from perfect pumps to the best sneakers for running weekend errands. I've rounded up my fave sneakers at the moment on HERE as well.

Everyone needs a good pair of boots that literally go with everything - jeans, shorts that you can also wear everywhere whether it's brunch, festival or a casual run to a store. I have the pair listed below in three different colors, it's TTS and super comfortable.

The most perfect summer pair would have to be this pair of lace up heels below. I am obsessed with the color which is more on the coral than red side and is perfect for any occasion! I tend to double knot mine that way the ties don't slide down and it's more comfortable to walk in them.

Another great pair of summer heels is this nude one with a bit of a twist! Super comfortable & on a budget. You can never have too many basic pairs of shoes so these were a def must to include in this post. 

Every girl needs a good classic pair of pointy heels & to say the least I am obsessed with this pair below mainly because they're white and go with everything as the shoes should. If you follow me along on Instagram you've probably seen this pair on the repeat on my stories for nights out!

Now that we got the heels + sneakers & boots covered it's time to share a good pair of slides that also tend to go with everything. A pair that's super easy to dress up or dress down without making it seem like you tried. I believe they come in two colors on VICI website right now too, so make sure to check them out under shoe section.

Another must-have pair of flats you may want to add to your closet for those long hours of the day is this one. Super casual, great color and have an expensive look to it.

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