I said yes to the dress.

Of course, the dress "I said yes" to is not in this post. 
I am so relieved that I have finally found "the one", it's everything I've always wanted and more. When growing up I have always imagined a big, poofy dress with lots of extravagant details - yes I thought I was a princess. As the time went by my vision of the big day did not change until we decided to have a destination wedding and I started making visits to different wedding salons. 
After going to quite a few salons in Los Angeles (you can check out my reviews on them on HERE) I have realized that the dress I've always imagined does not fit my body, nor my look or anything I've thought all along. I started looking for more important things, such as a dress fitting my body like a glove, unique detail and something that was simple and comfortable. I mean after all, weddings cost thousands of dollars and I want to have the time of my life on the day of and being comfortable is the most important thing to me! Ladies, be open minded when going into the salon, always try on dresses that you never thought you will because at the end of the day it might not be the one you have always imagined! 
I have recently went to Miami for the first fitting at the salon "Island Tribe" and I could not be more excited for my wedding now that I have a full vision of what the dress will look like! Angeline, who's the owner and designer of these beautiful gowns is a sweetheart and has made my experience that much better. I honestly cannot wait until August 20,2017 -- be ready on social media as there will be plenty of pictures and videos of the beautiful dress I have chosen! 
Island Tribe offers a variety of bohemian dresses that are simple, but yet unique by the detail it has on the pieces. For all brides-to-be that are still looking for the perfect dress, I recommend checking out Island Tribe pieces on HERE.


  1. The dresses you're showing are not on their website.

    1. Hi! :)

      This is actually their new collection, which I got to see beforehand! They just had a launch event a few weeks ago and all the dresses will be online soon. Stay tuned ;) xx