Weekend at Gale. Miami

At this time of the year I always seem to get a vacation bug. The thought of beautiful turquoise waters, sand in between my toes and just the relaxing feeling is something I love. It's been quite sometime since I've gone to Miami, and booking a last minute trip for a weekend getaway seemed like a great idea. 
The weather was a little disappointing as it was gloomy and pouring most of the time I was there, however I stayed at an amazing hotel in the heart of South Beach and sure made the most out of my short stay there. Thankfully Gale hotel has a great Restaurant and a Bar that gets pretty crowded and fun in the evening, steps away from the room so you don't have to leave the hotel to have a good time. If you're like me and hate getting ready to go out for dinner, wait for a cab and go through all the hassle you will love this hotel.

On my second day there, one of my good friend Hannah who is an amazing photographer stopped by for a quick visit, so of course we turned the pool at Gale into a photoshoot location! I will be sharing some images on part 2 on Miami! 


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