Off duty Downtown.

As we're getting into Fall deeper and deeper I am slowly stocking up my closet on jackets and sweaters. I am sure you all know my love for an all-white outfit, yes- I am aware it's after Labor Day and no one should wear white. But I am a strong believer that you should wear whatever you'd like no matter what someone says! So if you love white as much as me, rock it all year around, unless it's raining haha. 
Also, this top is actually a bodysuit -- it's my first time wearing one and I am sort of loving how it adjusts on the body and shows off curves. 
You can shop this look at the bottom of the post.


Jeans: Vici Collection, buy on HERE.
Jacket: Vici Collection, buy on HERE.
Top: Mura Boutique, buy on HERE.

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