30hours in Poland.

Yes, you red the caption right - 30 hours in Poland. When your friend decides to get married across the world, you pack your bags and go, even if the round trip flight time is just as long as you being there. 
I am all about spontaneous trips no matter where it takes me. When there is an opportunity to go back to Europe I am ready to hop on the plane.
During my short stay I spent half of the trip in the heart of Warsaw and the other half at the beautiful Palace where my friend got married. It was beyond beautiful, everything from nature, decor of the Palace to pretty little things set up for the wedding itself. I hope some of you got to see my IG stories during my stay and were able to get a feel of what Poland is like. Because it was such a short trip, there sure is a lack of pictures haha but I am still making a post out of it to share as much as I can! 

Many of you asked about the dress I wore at the wedding, I am linking it at the bottom of the post! Also, if you're on a look out for a great dress Windsor has many options to chose from for any event you're planning to attend. 


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