Santorini Pt 2.

No matter how much you travel or how often packing never becomes easy, the only thing you start learning what you actually need to bring instead of under packing or even overpacking. 
Before I met my fiance I traveled quite a lot but not as often, I knew no better and used to always have a carry on + purse + full packed bag that I checked in on every trip. Every time the trip was over I realized that I ended up wearing the same clothes as I did back home and everything new I have purchased for the trip just laid around the luggage! Our first trip together he told me to pack for a week's getaway and ONLY bring the carry on, you can only imagine how I handled that..but years later I am happy I have listened all along and have learned a few tricks on packing that I want to share with you on here today.

Romper by Mura Boutique. 

WHAT TO PACK: Whether it's a tropical destination or not, plan on bringing 2 outfits per day. Even if you have made plans for many places to go to, more likely you will still end up wearing 2 outfits a day. Instead of carrying heels for a nighttime dinner, I suggest bringing maxi dresses or maxi skirts to pair up with crop tops. You can mix and match throughout the week for different looks and keep that extra space for not bringing different pairs of heels. 
Do not bring the clothes you absolutely love and wear all the time! If you do, you will end up going back to your safe zone and will not wear the clothes you have purchased for your trip (lesson learned hard way).
Rompers and jumpsuits are a must-bring on any trip! Not only do they look cute and are effortless but you can fit more of them vs. different pants and tops. 

HOW TO PACK: Rolling up clothes is the easiest way to fit the most clothes into your check-in luggage. Do not fold and pack clothes one on top of another, it will create the more bulky luggage with less space. Rolling up each item creates lots of space for extra pairs of shoes and clothes.

HAPPY FEET: We all have our favorite pairs of shoes that we believe go with certain outfits. However, instead of bringing five pairs of shoes, I have only been bringing a pair of nice flats, cute sneakers (wear on the plane to save space), two pairs of sandals (one nice for a nighttime, one for day time) and a nude pair of heels. These shoes will go with absolutely everything as long as you somewhat color coordinate your wardrobe while packing. 

MISC: hair straightener, computer and makeup are easiest to bring in the big purse that you will have on you at all times. Not only can you easily access anything you want on the long flights but you can refresh yourself throughout the long flight anytime you want. 

Hope this helps ladies! 

Sandals by Chinese Laundry from Lulu's.
Top: Circus Royalty. Shorts: Windsor. Sandals: Sole Society 
Dress: Wildfox
Top: Circus Royalty. Shorts: Windsor. Sandals: Sole Society
Sandals: Chinese Laundry from Lulu's

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