Santorini. Pt 1

Princess Hotel.
I am so excited to finally share a long time coming post on Santorini, which I might have to split up to quite a few parts as I'd like to share more about hotels, places to see etc. 
Greece has always been in my bucket list and having to go there to plan our wedding seemed like a great excuse for a much needed getaway. We tried to relax and enjoy the beautiful views and culture as much as we could in between the meetings with vendors and engagement photo shoot. But.. more about the wedding planning process in the next post!

STAY: Princess Hotel, Rocabella Hotel or any hotel within the few blocks of the two hotels mentioned. Oia, which is one of the main cities of Santorini is extremely crowded  and I did not find it as relaxing. If you have been keeping up with other influencers traveling to Santorini I am sure you have seen the white/blue villas and a cute town - yep, that's Oia. We decided to stay 10mins away from there to have a more relaxing getaway and still have an option of hoping into the car and go explore both, the island and the town. 

TRAVEL: I thought having a car was a great idea as that is what we do everywhere we go, however I do not think it is absolutely necessary to have it here. Every hotel offers transfers to 2-3 towns where you can spend half of your day and not worry about driving, parking or getting lost! And of course you get to have a drink or two and relax.

TO SEE: Oia is a must-visit town full of restaurants, photogenic places to take photos at and lots of people. I recommend skipping the town at night where hundreds of people line up to watch the most beautiful sunset in the world and book a boat to watch it from. It lasts up to 4 hours and it is more intimate, romantic and beautiful.

Make sure to check back next week to see Pt2 on what to pack && more on the wedding planning process and how it went in Greece along with some of my fave pictures from engagement shoot!

Sunset from Princess Hotel.
Beautiful Santorini villas all around the island.
Exploring Oia town.
Still dreaming of Greek Cappuccinos. yep.
Princess Hotel, Santorini 
Best Greek salad i've had.  

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