Destination wedding Q&A.

Let's run away & get married!

As promised, a long time coming Q&A update on how the wedding planning is coming along over here. We have not only set a date, found a venue but also nailed down some of the other many things - read below. I sort of wish there was a good book on how to plan a destination wedding, it would really be like a bible to me at the moment. 
Questions bellow are gathered from all over the social media that I have received and some additional ones my friends ask! If there is anything specific you would like to ask or suggest - comment below & share your thoughts and ideas on destination wedding!
Working on something really exciting with the ladies from Chic Sketch for my wedding!


Q. When picking a dress, where do you start?
Ever since I was a little girl I had bid dreams and thought I had it all figured out when the big day came! Haha oh my was I wrong or what. I believe there is no right time to know when to start or how to start. Best way to start planning is to take your time, because these purchases are one-in-a-lifetime moments and you want to make sure it is everything you have always wanted and more. I started the wedding dress shopping by going out to designer "Trunk shows". Even though most of the dresses were completely out of my budget it gave me a better idea of what I wanted and what actually looked good on my body type. I also loved the idea on how quickly they wanted to get me in and out of dresses because during the trunk shows they are on a crunch time - instead of spending hours in a salon I was in & out. 

Q. Why did you want to go dress shopping by yourself?
It might have seemed like a selfish moment to other people which want to be a part of my special journey but I had to go with my heart and mind. Having extra people adds stress and lots of opinions and at the end of the day I want to choose something that I feel special in. Another reason for not involving any other people in the "search for the perfect dress" moments was to not only have my fiance be the first one to see me in my dress but all my friends as well. Usually when we go to our friends' weddings we already know what their dresses will look like - I wanted mine to be different. Even until this day there is only 2-3 people that have seen a picture of my dress, and no one has actually seen me in it! & I will make sure it stays that way until the special day comes.

Q. What if your dream dress doesn't look the way you imaged it would?
The dress is just like a pair of shoes you thought would look good and be comfortable, but once you tried it on - you realized it was nothing you expected. Best way to not be disappointed in trying on your "dream wedding gown" is by seeing other options before. You might be surprised that sometimes that one dress you kept seeing on Pinterest and saying that you could never wear that ends up being THE ONE (I know we are all guilty of this!). Have an open mind when looking for the right dress and you will not be disappointed! 

Q. Do you consider yourself a "bridezilla"?
Hahah No NO NO! I think I am handling wedding planning very well - for now at least! We are still more than a year away from the big day and I am sure I will have some "bridezilla" moments eventually, but not at the moment. However, I think my fiance should be answering this question (which by the way is completely knocked out sleeping at 9pm). 

Q. What made you decide on having a destination wedding?
We did consider getting married in California in the beginning - for about two weeks as we browsed every day through websites looking for a perfect venue that represented us and our love. One day out of the blue we started talking about having a destination wedding! - it was my finance's suggestion to have it in Greece. I spent the next few days looking at other people's wedding photos and I fell in love with how beautiful the special moments were captured. There is something so romantic and beautiful about Santorini that made me agree on having our special day on the other side of the world. My parents were not on board for quite some time after we told them our wedding will be taking place in Greece, but shortly after they realized that it would be more relaxing, intimate and romantic to have a destination. 

Q. You have decided not to have bachelorettes, doesn't planning the wedding overwhelm you by having not having that extra support?
I am a "control freak" haha, I want to be a part of every single step of the process and every decision along with any little hick-ups that come along and I am totally fine taking a blame for anything that goes wrong. My fiance is extremely supportive and takes a big part in planning along with our wedding planners so I think we are doing just fine! I want my friends to enjoy my special day and not stress about making sure everything goes fine - that is what the wedding planners are for! Even my mom does not know much on what is going on and how the planning is coming along and she is pretty happy about it haha. 

Q. Have you ever visited Greece?
Call me crazy but I have not been there. Yes... I am planning my own wedding at a place I have never been to! (I am putting all my trust to my fiance by trusting his word on how beautiful Greece is). We have even chosen our wedding venue along with most of vendors and I have not even seen it. However, we just booked a trip for this summer to go out there exactly one year before to see the place and meet the vendors along with the wedding planners. 

Q. How do you find vendors when planning a "destination wedding"?
Q. Did you say "Yes to the dress"?
When I made my first bridal appointment I thought i was going to walk in there, try on the dress I have always dreamed of and walk out. I even told my friend hat I had a feeling I will find "my dress" that same-first day! - all along I was wrong. I went to numerous salons, after browsing around I have completely changed the style I was going for in the beginning and tried on something completely opposite that I never thought I would! Needless to say shortly after figuring out the style I loved and felt like a bride in - I found the dress. :) 

Looking forward to any questions && suggestions you ladies might have! 
-xo, Sky Naite


  1. So in April, my husband and I had our wedding reception here and we both have no regrets with choosing this venue. I am still receiving compliments from all our guests. The food at wedding venues was delicious from appetizer to dessert.

    1. Hi! really? That is great to hear! We have not visited the venue yet, so I am super happy to hear this before visiting.