Seychelles. Diary 1

,If you are following me on Instagram and other social media you probably saw me flooding the newsfeed every day with my photos from Seychelles. As hard as i tried to hold off and share most of the photos on the blog without giving away too much on Instagram, it was very hard. The place is absolutely beautiful and it is tough not to want to post everything right away.


We have visited Maldives last year and many people have asked ever since we came back from Seychelles which one is better. Honestly, you cannot compare the two islands. Maldives is great for a honeymoon as you are on a one tiny island which takes a 10 minute walk to cover the entire island.  While you are there you can do water activities, order room service or visit one out of three restaurants resorts offer. Options as you can tell are very limited, however going and seeing it once in a lifetime is a must.
Seychelles on the other side is a somewhat bigger island, you will need a car to get anywhere and it is quite a drive to cover the entire Mahe island ( a little over 2 hours without stopping ). Renting a car is highly recommended, you might think resort you are staying at is absolutely beautiful but you never know what the beach next to you has to offer ! Seychelles are known as a most beautiful island for a reason ! Here you will have to explore the unknown and you will discover beauty in every place you go to.

Diary 1.

From the air Seychelles screamed that you are approaching a vacation nation ! The turquoise water, white patches of sand made it impossible to keep the excitement. We spent most of the trip on the North side of the island, exploring the island and taking a boat out to see many other small islands surrounding Mahe. Last two days we stayed at the Four Seasons, which I will do an entire post on because their resort is simplyyy amazing ! We have taken so many great pictures that i had to split up all the photos into 3 posts, so check back weekly to see more of Seychelles.


  • Rent a car,  this is a once in a lifetime experience. You want to make sure you see both North side of the island and South as they offer different beaches and resorts that are an absolute must see. Keep in mind wheel is on the right side of the car, and you have to drive on the left side of the road ! You can only imagine how I was freaking out when my better half was driving haha.
  • Stay at Four Seasons. If you are traveling all the way to the paradise, make sure your stay is just as amazing ! 
  • People are extremely nice and helpful, do not be scared to ask for directions or anything you may need from the locals. They are extremely welcoming.
  • Bring a variety of clothes, it does rain once a day ( at least when we were there ). 
More tips to come on the upcoming posts.xo

Soaking up the sun in one of the most beautiful beaches of the world ! Every time we go somewhere i try to get something that is made there , this time i found this straw hat. Great addition to my summer wardrobe.
Stunning views all around. 
Monkeying around. 
Vanilla of Seychelles. One of many boutique shops along the way.
Such a cute shop with beautiful paintings of Seychelles.
How adorable is this baby turtle ??! 
When your fiancé climbs rocks better than you, you post his his picture ! haha.
Stopped by this beautiful beach when driving through the island. 
Beach style. Top from Camixa, buy on here.

 -xo, Sky Naite 

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  1. Your blog has inspired me to travel. Where do you get your inspiration for your photos? They are amazing.