My realistic + unrealistic goals for 2018!

Because, let's be honest not all goals can be realistic!
While I am an extremely realistic when it comes to goals for the New Year I think it's extremely important to drop down ALL. Why? Because you will most likely push yourself towards the unrealistic goals while realistic ones may be very easy to achieve + you want to prove yourself that you can do it all!


  • Appreciate what I have. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our lives and always wishing for bigger and better that we forget to be thankful for what we already have. Having a roof over head, good health, food on the plate and family that supports you and cares for you are the most valuable things in life.  
  • Go on a honeymoon. Ugh we got married back in August and we still have not gone on a honeymoon. We did stay in Europe for longer after the wedding in Greece, went on a few vacations since then and haven't made time to look into or decide on a honeymoon destination. I sort of wish we didn't go to Maldives a few years ago as I'd love to go there now, but because we've gone I have no desire to take the same route and go back again. Adam also proposed in Seychelles which is one of the most beautiful beaches/places around the world which leaves us with only two other places left - Bora Bora or Fiji. My goal is to book our honeymoon by March latest...but let's see how it goes as it's already been months. 
  • Work out on regular basis. I tend to get lazy AF at times and go to hot sculpt yoga for two weeks in a row but then take a two month break which is not healthy nor good for me. I really want to find a happy balance and maintain a healthy workout schedule. 
  • Be a better friend. You'd think that by working on my own I'd have all this time in the world to go to lunch every day and hang out with my friends but actually a completely opposite has happened and I am more busy than I've been before. Working 6 hours a day behind computer + creating content + editing etc. has left no time in the day and by the time my days/weekdays are over I just want to relax at home. Going to influencer events at least 2/3 times a week has also socially exhausted me and seeing my blogger babe friends feels like I am seeing all of my friends but in reality I have not seen my other friends who do not blog in a looooong time. 
  • Learn how to spend quality time. Many different times I'll stop and look at me and Adam and we're just sitting next to each other on our phones, that in no way is a quality time and it feels like two strangers sitting next to each other. I want to make rules such as no phones after 7 or 8PM + cooking together once a week etc. 

  • Inspire others. I no longer want to create "basic" content, I want to create inspiring content that makes you want to go do things, travel the world and just take it to a more creative, eye pleasing imaginary in general! However creating something cool and unique is becoming harder and harder as there is so many creatives out there, it's tough to create something no one has yet so this goal will be very challenging but yet fun!
  • Create something of my own. While my blog is off to a good start I always crave something more, whether it's an activewear line, bridal accessories or something else I want to find my nitche in the creative world and have something with my name on it! 
  • Buy a home. I've always dreamt of a nice home but it truly hit me what it's like owning one when my mom bought a house an hour away from us a few months ago. There is something about a home being your own and as much as I love renting a townhouse and having maintenance people around 24/7 in case sh&* hits the fan is extremely nice haha. While we'd love to buy a house of our own Los Angeles is absolutely unaffordable as we're looking into areas being 10/15 mins away from the beach and 30mins tops getting to Hollywood & LAX area. 
  • Save MORE $$$. Opening a savings account was a good beginning but maintaining it and growing it has truly been a struggle! We live a good life by the saying "live in the moment bc you don't know what will happen tomorrow". We travel at least once a month whether it's a weekend getaway somewhere in California, another state or another country. I think last year alone we went out of country probably over 10 times going to over 10 different countries. 
  • Go back to homeland aka Lithuania at least once a year. My family including dad, all the grandparents and cousins are back home and I try to come back at least once every few years but time always tends to fly by and before I know it a few years go by and here I am traveling the world but never going the route to stop in Lithuania... Reason why I've added this under "unrealistic goals" is because over the past 13 years I've lived in US I've only been back to Lithuania 3-4 times total. 

I'm truly excited to go back to these goals in 2019 & see which ones I've succeeded on and what I have given up/failed on! 

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