How to shop small + smart for Holidays.

& why I don't have a gift guide.
The word "Holidays" can literally give you a headache if you let it get to you. What I mean by that is first thing that comes to mind is running around, shopping for people you love + people you don't really like that will be at the holiday party and there is always those holiday work events you have to go and bring gifts to for people you don't know. All of that is equal to you spending lots of money, wasting your time in traffic, looking for parking spots and pretty much going bankrupt into '18. Sounds pretty stressful,huh? Well today I am going to share some tips on how I get through the holidays, why I didn't post a gift guide (even though 80% of you asked for it) and how to shop small/smart!

How I get through the Holiday season...
  • Shop early, don't wait until last minute. I always shop during the first half of December mainly because I don't want to shop leftovers during the second half of the month or fight over a parking spot.
  • Shop current deals. Most likely things you want to gift are still on sale right now because of Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Check the Brands to see what deals they currently have going on. I recently bought KKW makeup set and two fragrances and they were all under $40 each. It'll make great gifts for 3 people and it's a great price, I mean who doesn't love a travel friendly fragrance or makeup? 
  • How I shop. Marshall's is my go-to for ALL the holiday shopping (& no it's not sponsored) I truly am obsessed with the store and it's been my go-to for home decor, clothes, shoes etc. They also have the cutest wrapping paper and bags, usually placed in the back of the store or in the front by the registry. P.s. all the cute/good stuff is only there for the first half of December. If you don't have Marshall's next to you, Home Goods is another good one that carries everything! My mom has also mentioned (forced) me to include a store "Tuesday Morning" in here as she says it's similar to Marshall's, I have not yet been there so I can't say much besides the fact that all the decor at her home is from there & it's pretty cute, unique stuff for cheap. 

Why I didn't post the gift guide...
  • Quality > quantity. There is just so many gift guides that you can literally go on every blogger's IG page, stories or website and find quite a few of them. By the time I started making one I realized that it was a very specific style of items and with everyone being different and having a different taste in items, different budgets it made no sense to go forward with it unless I literally did a 30 page gift guide. I believe it's better to go through different gift guides others have posted and pick items you love from each one of them as they offer different styles etc. Until I can provide you with a good quality gift guide you will not see one on here, sorry! 
  • Affiliate Marketing. Quite a lot goes into making a gift guide, some things you may not even know about - affiliate marketing being on top of the list. I am all about good deals and helping out you gals to find best deals that's why a lot of times you'll find me doing stories and letting you know items are either sold out, back in stock etc. I only include RewardStyle link on the IG posts I post if they are relevant and are exactly same items I am wearing. Well imagine that the gift guide has to have tons of items in there with all the links to the products, so everyone is spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to find websites that offer the highest dollar for affiliate marketing to link it to. Let's be real here, I don't want to take your money by you paying the most for the item that you'd find on my gift guide when I myself don't own any of them. To me that is in the way a false advertising? With that being said I'll continue sharing the items I own or get that I do believe in or love, you'll never see me sharing items I want or want you to buy that I can't back up or give you my reviews on. 

How to shop small + smart...
  • Don't shop at big stores. If you want to give something different and unique to let someone know they're truly special, stores like Marshall's, Home Goods and Tuesday Morning should be your go-to. They don't have more than 1 item of the same unless you're buying dishes haha. 
  • Think outside the box. Sometimes the gifts we give shouldn't be gifts, think outside the box and give experience! It can be tickets to a game, concert, gift card to someone's favorite restaurant or an overnight stay somewhere. StubHub has lots of good deals as it's a "second hand" kind of a store for all things tickets. 
  • Give gifts you'd want to receive. When it comes to gifts it's very easy to just stroll down the isle and pick out random items for all. Before you purchase it ask yourself these questions: would you be happy to receive it? Do they need it? Give something they'd truly like and be happy about. 
  • Gifting those who already have everything. These are the hardest people to find gifts for, usually because people who fall into this category are our family members (am I wrong?). I find myself buying fun gifts for these "type of people", it can be something as simple as a funny set of mugs, board game, beautiful dish for kitchen etc. Gifts from "think outside the box" section above could also easily fall into this category. 
Happy Holidays!


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