5 Tips For Creating Engaging Content.

Tips on going viral.
If there only was a guide book to help us all with algorithm and on going viral we'd all have it but until there is proven facts on what works and what doesn't I want to share a few tips that have been working for me. 
  • Use IG's new feature - "polls". Getting to know what your audience wants to see more of is the key to success of your Instagram. Struggling with ideas for new content? Create a poll and ask what people want to see more of, fashion or lifestyle. 
Wondering whether they like professional photos or iPhone photos? Create a poll. There is no better way to find out than put it out there and find out what your audience likes seeing. If the poll is 70/30 DO NOT  ignore that 30% because that is a big part of your audience, in that case find a happy medium that they all will like. 
  • Get creative. Create content that you'd want to repost or be inspired by if you see it somewhere else. The easiest way to stay creative is by spending some time on Pinterest, I find myself pinning' away every night before going to bed on daily basis. Another great tool is taking advantage of the holidays such as Christmas, NYE, Valentine's day etc. - these are the times you can create fun, engaging content for all to relate to. 
This post includes the two images I've came up with for Holiday content that I've got very good feedback on. Due to amazing results I'll continue working on more ideas for festive content! P.s. thanks to Pinterest for giving me major Holiday vibes and inspiring me to set up the fire place and finally shoot by it. 
  • Find your niche. Try everything and find what works for your IG feed + audience, whether it's IG stories, your home interior, fashion advice and stick with it. That doesn't necessarily mean drop everything else, keep the feed consistent but try new things to test and see how well it does.
I've found out that posts that engage the best on my Instagram are close-ups of my outfits and travel posts. Does that mean I am only going to post that? No, I'm going to continue with my regular routine but include more travel posts and close-ups. If I am not traveling I create more lifestyle content that makes up for the travel content, which I have also noticed engages pretty well. (Thanks to y'all!)
  • Tag away. When you post an image tag large IG accounts that are relevant to the picture, such as @inspocafe etc. Even if the chances of them reposting your images are low there is still plenty of people who go on their account and look at their tagged photos, where they will see your image. 
Do not tag other IG accounts all over the image, pick one spot and tag them all in there, I tend to do it in one of the corners of the photo so that it's not as aggressive when someone clicks on it.
  • Engage with your audience. Engaging content doesn't just mean likes or comments, it's extremely important to always respond to DM's,  comments and show appreciation for all the reposted photos of yours.



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