My 2017 Goals Update.

2017's goals that turned into a lifestyle.
Remember THIS post? It's been almost a year since I posted it and it's due for an update, some things I failed on and some turned out to be successful. If you're looking for some workout motivation I highly suggest you read the post I shared above as that's what pushed me towards my goals. 
So let's recap the process.. 

  • New year, new you. It might sound like such an obvious and silly excuse to push yourself to do something new just because it's a new year, but honestly that is all it took for me. I wanted this year to be different, I wanted to finally spend time on taking care of my body, skin and myself in general. Now when I look back at my posts on the blog and IG I've come a looooong way, I've tried many different things and finally narrowed down to what really works for me. If you had goals you didn't achieve this year, it's not too late - 2018 is just around the corner and you can start over then! 
  • Too many excuses/exercise. I am a queen of excuses, I could literally find a great excuse for almost anything if I don't want to do it even though the only person I am fooling at the end of the day is myself, as that only affects my body and my health. If I chose to sleep in instead of going to work out - that's on me. So what I did differently in 2017 is instead of making up excuses I did the opposite & here is how I did it. If I woke up and didn't feel like going to work out I forced myself to walk to the post office instead of driving, park further in the parking lot when going grocery shopping and walk a lot to make up for the gym. I also somewhat going actively to hot sculpt yoga classes - what I mean by that is I do it hardcore 3/4 x week for a month or two and take two months off that way my body isn't gaining too much muscle and I don't get bored of it. During the few months off I go to boxing/regular yoga and other classes.
  • New activewear. Yep, it's the little things that motivated me this year and let me tell you new activewear was my biggest push! You can sort of compare it to a new pair of shoes, if you get a pair you want to go somewhere and show it off, activewear worked the same way for me - I get excited to work out in it. 
  • Cravings replacement. This was probably my biggest challenge that I still am struggling with. Due to my major sweet cravings I simply can't stop eating sweets... In the beginning of 2017 I went 2 months without having anything sweet and I was so proud of myself but everyone kept saying it's very important to have a cheat day for your body -- so I did, once a week on every Sunday. That totally broke up my motivation and here I am where  almost every day is a Sunday. Just to give you an idea of how bad my sweet cravings are, let me just tell you that I have at least one cavity a year and sometimes it's even more - my bills at dentist's office are not small and they always laugh that I keep them in business. Needless to say I am looking forward to 2018 as I plan to get back on track with "no sweets, no cheat days" lol. 
  • New diet. After failing on my diet when it came to sweets I knew giving up any sort of food was absolutely impossible but I proved myself wrong just a few months ago by giving up meat completely! If you follow me on IG you know how hard it is when all Adam does is make meat based meals at home and even when we go out to eat with friends everybody orders meat dishes for appetizers or pick steakhouses/korean bbqs to eat at. Wondering how in the world I was able to give it up with meat surrounding me at all times? I started noticing how full and bloated I was every time I ate a dish that had meat, being the person I am that has to finish an entire dish and not leave half for later made it even worse as I was over eating and then napping in the middle of the day because I was "full". day/ a few weeks before the wedding I decided to give it up and now it's been over three meetless monhs for me! Can I get a yay?? I now get my protein by eating lots of fish, sushi, protein drinks and bars. If there is something you want to stop eating I highly suggest you give it a try, I failed with sweets but succeeded with giving up meat and I couldn't be any happier. I not only feel lighter and better about myself but my skin has also cleared up quite a lot. 


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