How to make iPhone photos look professional.

A way overdue post on life along with some tips. 

I have been majorly lacking on doing these monthly "life via camera roll" posts and I know last time I said I was going to get back on this wagon of making sure they're up on time I just can't pull it together. Life lately has been like a rollercoaster - packing & unpacking, planning the wedding which I cannot believe is in just less than a week and trying to keep up with social media has been pretty overwhelming but exciting. I have also gotten a lot of questions lately on how I edit my IG photos, you can click on HERE & HERE as I've done quite a few posts on it.

How to make iPhone photos look professional:
  • Portrait mode. If you have an iPhone 7 plus portrait mode is already built into your camera, all you need to do is learn how far away to stand from the object you're taking a photo of to make sure the background is blurred out. Just add the filters to the image and it will look [almost] as professional as  of it's been taken on a photographer's camera. 
  • No portrait mode, no problem. Whether you do/do not have an iPhone 7 plus "Facetune" app is great and I am not talking about editing your body lol. Sometimes photos we take tend to be extremely busy looking and the focus ends up being on a tree behind you vs. you. Facetune offers a feature called "whiten", once you have downloaded the app - click on it, select "whiten" and brush the background around you to where it makes you stand out. 
While we're on this "Facetune" app subject, there is another great tool that I believe is life changing - it's called "details". Anything else in the image you want to stand out, simply select "details" and hover over the detail you want to stand out the most. 
  • The rest of the editing process is entirely up to you, you can get as creative as you want with apps like VSCO or the filters IG offers.
All the images in this post have been taken on iPhone 7 plus.


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