How to: Edit photos on the go

Tips to help your feed looking consistent when traveling.
If you're like me and love to somewhat plan out your feed and keep it consistent I hope these tips I've learned will help you plan last minute when on-the-go. 
My Instagram feed is pretty consistent with the same mood and color palette going on. Call it OCD or whatever you want but I could never post two pictures in the row that look the same or that don't match. I try to somewhat organize it, ex: food photo, close up of the outfit, flowers, full outfit etc. It helps to keep your community more engaged and not get tired of seeing the same thing over and over. 
It's very easy to plan when you're at home and you are well aware of the surroundings, backgrounds that will be in your photos BUT when you travel to a new place you will most likely be on the go and will post as you go, that's where this post comes in handy. 
Before I leave to go on a trip I always make sure to finish posting all the photos I have been wanting to share so that once I get on the plane I am off to the unknown [literally, because I have no clue what destination will look like nor my IG feed]. Once I get to the destination I always tend to get overwhelmed and excited over the new experiences and things I see,  well that sure transfers onto the photos. At the end of the day I look at the photo library and all the photos look the same lol. Ex: same standing pose next to 5 different buildings.
Tips to keep your IG feed consistent when traveling: 
  • Research. Look at the hotel you'll be staying at and the main colors of the city. If the hotel has muted tones, bring some bright outfits on your trip to make photos more tropical and fun [great example would be my photos from my recent trip to Cabo where I had a pop of orange in almost every photo]. If the hotel + city offer many bold colors [like Cuba] stick to neutrals as it will help balance out the feed. 
  • Transition. A few days before the trip I always tend to make sure the colors in the photos are slowly easing into the colors that will be surrounding me during the vacation. Ex: If Cabo offers many bright yellow colors, I will add a pop of yellow in the few photos before I go on the trip to make an easy transition on the eyes, so when scrolling down on IG it will be somewhat consistent vs. pink/white -> yellow/white. 
  • Plan ahead. Soooo... this will take quite some time so give yourself at least an hour the day before you leave to keep you on track. Download an app called "UNUM", it pretty much is a mockup of your IG where you can add photos and move them around vs. Instagram where once you post it - there is no going back, only delete. Once you have downloaded it, find inspirational images of food, poses, closeups of outfits etc. pretty much the mood you'll be going for during your trip. Add all the images onto UNUM app and make sure  they're all different. 1st image [plane pic], 2nd image [outfit pic], 3rd [food] etc. Now, don't get me wrong you don't have to stick to this mockup once you get to your destination BUT it will push you and remind take at least one of those images for your feed so that you don't end up with 100s of images that look the same. Tip: do not copy the same images, it's a mistake many people make, the reason why people are interested in seeing your photos is because you're an original & they want to see more of it - don't lose that. 
  • Editing photos. Keep the editing process somewhat consistent if possible. My go-to editing app is VSCO [filter A6, saturation -10 and grain +3], however I found myself using C7 and C9 in Cabo after using A6 as my surroundings were very bright and I wanted to keep it fun on IG as well vs. toning it down. Even after applying to filters on each photo the quality stayed the same which I was pretty stoked about as I've never tried it before! 
Below is an example from my trip to Cabo where I took one photo a day & posted it right away. Looking back now each image is a different style and shows a different purpose of a trip but yet still is the same mood. 

I hope you found these tips helpful and useful! If you have any suggestions please share them in the comments or DM me on Insta. xx

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