Chiffon dress archives.

Hot summer days call for a pretty little dress.
I don't know about you gals but it's been super hooooooootttt in LA this entire week and I am as burnt as a baby lobster. I might have over extended my stay by the poolside the other day as you could tell by these pictures but I sort of love it, I mean summer is for tanned skin & cute summer dresses, right?
I found this pretty mini chiffon dress on NA-KD (linking the entire look at the bottom of the post) last week and I got it in early this week just in time for the weekend. I was pretty skeptical in the beginning as I've never had a chiffon dress and wasn't sure how it would fit. They also have quite a few colors to chose from that are all bold & as you may know I am slowly easing into adding more color into my wardrobe. Anyhow, when I got this dress I felt like it was a major score as this mini is "airy", has a cut-out back and is just overall easy to wear and comfortable! I am already thinking about getting it in yellow for any birthday parties or weddings I might have to go to. If you're looking for something cute and comfy I highly recommend getting this cute chiffon mini. 
p.s. if you've never shopped on NA-KD their sizing is a little different I usually go in between 32-34, but this time went with size 36 for a even more lose look for the summer. 


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