Style crush: 3 fave looks.

3 looks for any festivities you may be invited to.
Let's admit it as exciting as it is to get invited to a bridal shower, baby shower or any sort of a life event you are headed to the first question that comes to our mind is "what to wear". So, I have narrowed down my top 3 go-to looks that you could easily wear almost everywhere you go. They're all comfortable, fashionable and most importantly - effortless. 

1. Wide-leg pants look. I've always had lots of love for wide-leg pants, whether they were fashionable or not I always had at least 3 pairs - in white, brown and black. However, as much as I love wearing these pants it is a more dressy look that is almost impossible to dress down. Because I am only 5'6 unfortunately I cannot wear sneakers with them as the pants would just drag along behind me haha, so I am stuck with 3' wedges. If you have a lot of places you go to that require effort to dress up I highly suggest getting a pair of wide leg pants as they create a simple, clean look.

2. Gingham. Ahh can we jus talk about how this "table cloth" type of material made it's way back to fashion?? I mean who would've thought it's going to become so popular again, I absolutely love it! I have worn this gingham beauty multiple times already, to a birthday party with a cute pair of sandals, brunch with Adam with flats and mom's for her birthday festivities with sneakers. Yes - it's a versatile outfit that you can do both with - dress up and dress down any way you want.

3. Floral prints. No matter where you're headed, floral print is always an answer when you're running out of options on what to wear. It elevates your look immediately by the fun pattern and mixed color palette. I personally am obsessed with rompers and jumpsuits and have tens of them in my wardrobe - mainly for a last minute event I am headed to as it's the most effortless yet stylish look you can put together within minutes. Because print rompers do have a lot going on I do try to keep it minimal with the accessories as you want the floral piece to stand out the most.


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