Elevating a basic OOTD.

How to elevate your fave basics.
There has been quite a few times when I put things on and Adam said "you're gona leave home like that ?!! [let me remind you, he's used to seeing me get all cute going to events & when he sees me in sweats he acts like he's shocked lol]. So I started playing around with basic outfits & turned them into a not so basic. It doesn't matter how big or small your closet is we all have our favorite pieces, it probably includes your go-to pair of jeans/shorts & a top. Today I am sharing mine. I usually don't do posts on a "basic" look that contains shorts, a denim jacket etc. but I think it's important to show some of the pieces that can be elevated and worn almost everywhere you go! 
How I elevate a basic outfit to a not-so-basic:
  • Detail one of the items you're wearing. Instead of picking a basic pair of shorts, top and a jacket, pick an embroidered skirt or a cool shirt that has a unique detail on it! Trust me the difference is huge, you can go from "lazy" to "fashionable" in a heart beat. However, make sure it's only one item with a detail, otherwise your outfit may have a little too much going on. This skirt pictured was a great find at Marshall's when I went there to look for some goodies for home & it has been on repeat quite a lot. Unfortunately I cannot locate it online so I am linking a few similar ones at the bottom of the post. 
  • Fashionable sunnies. Whether you wear them or not it always creates a cute accessory, even when it's only on top of your head. 
  • Cute bag & accessories. When it comes to accessorizing I keep it very minimal, I always have the same few bracelets on, same watch & engagement ring so to me a cute bag is a MUST. But if you love accessories, stack it on! It will make your look more fun and fashionable. 


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