Q&A. Let's get personal.

Thanks for all the questions you guys sent me over the past few days via all the DM's/ emails and comments, today I am going to try to cover most of it on here and get more personal! No specific order or a topic just many random questions and honest answers!
Q. When did you start blogging
A. I started a blog two years ago, back in 2014 but fully started blogging in 2015 where I started taking both blog and IG more seriously. It took a while to get a professional camera and realize how much time has to be put in, so I'd say by end of 2015 I was posting on IG almost every day and wrote twice a week on the blog. 

Q. Why blog name "sky naite"
A. Ahh that's a good question, honestly I played around with so many ideas and nicknames and neither one was catchy enough. I chose "sky naite" because it's half of my first and second half of my last name. Unfortunately half year later I wished I had a cool blog name but I am stuck with my "half name" years later. When you're choosing a domain take your time! 

Q. Where are you getting married
A. Ha, just when I thought readers were overwhelmed with my bridal posts and I saw this question I got so happy! Does that mean the previous posts got pushed down and I get to post about wedding again hehe. I am getting married in Santorini, Greece in just a few months - end of August. 

Q. What's your favorite skincare product
A. Oh my, that's a tough one. I am in no way a loyal customer to any Brand when it comes to skincare. I am always looking for new items to try and seeing what works and what doesn't. Sometimes I'll find myself using certain products because they smell good haha. But.. if I could say one item I have that I use daily for the past few years it would be a lipgloss by Kopari. 

Q. What do you like doing besides blogging
A. I love spending days at the beach and traveling. I am always looking for a new place to go visit and explore. Send me your suggestions! 

Q. What do you hate the most
A. Doing laundry hahaha. I do it every weekend and I still feel like it's a non ending process, worst part is third of the clothes shrink or get ripped.. 

Q. Where did you go to school, what major did you study there
A. I went to school in Chicago and then in LA when I moved here. I studied psychology and marketing. 

Q. How do you keep your IG feed so consistent
A. By using the same filters and editing process. Once that's done I organize and plan the entire IG feed on the app called "UNUM" for a few days ahead so I am not worried about what to post. 

Q. Who's your style inspiration
A. I'd say @sincerelyjules is probably the most inspiring. I love her laid back, yet chic look. For traveling it would be @ohhcouture and @debiflue 

Q. What's your go-to clothing staple
A. Sneakers x shorts x tee x cool jacket over it. 

Q. Will you ever have a garage sale
A. Hmm..I never actually thought about that but I don't think I would just because it would be limited to only those actually living in Los Angeles and making time to come and shop. I could consider an online shop? 

Q. Which country is your favorite
A. Out of all I've been to, I'd say Seychelles or Maldives. I love white sand, turquoise water and tropical drinks so I'd have to chose between those two.

Q. How do you stay in shape and how many times do you work out.
A. I have just started working out this year by doing hot sculpt yoga twice a week! It's a great work out and is good for your mind and soul.

Q. Do you have a meal plan
A. Not at the moment, as I just started working out I am trying to only have one cheat day a week and eat healthy throughout the week. No consistent diet or meal plan just yet.

Q. What's your favorite color
A. White! If you have not yet noticed almost every other outfit on my feed/blog is white. Whether it's a pair of shorts, jacket or a bag I always have to have something in white on me.

Thanks for following along and sending your questions! If your question wasn't answered I promise to get it covered when I do part 2. 

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