Must-have wide leg pants.

I love a good pair of wide leg pants! It's just such a chic piece of clothing to have in your closet. No matter what you pair it up with it creates a very clean, elegant look. 
If you saw my Insta stories on Saturday, you saw these pants on the move as I visited Island Tribe popup in Beverly Hills. This outfit was perfect for the fun event in Beverly Hills and I got manyyy compliments on this outfit, so I had to snap a few photos when I got back to share the full look on here with you gals. I highly suggest pairing the wide leg pants look with a crop top as these type of pants are usually high waisted and cover up almost the entire body. It's nice to show off your shoulders, arms and a little bit of cleavage. 
I am listing a few pairs at the bottom of the blog where you can shop this statement piece as well. In case you missed my previous post on a different pair of wide leg pants in a different color and material, click on HERE


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