Hobby to a full-time blogger.

Yayy, I am excited to share the latest news that I have decided to spend most of my time doing what I love the most - taking photos and continuing my journal aka blog. I could not be more excited to share this journey with you!
Why now.
Those of you that saw my goals for this year, you probably noticed how extreme they were - that is because I wanted this year to be filled with new beginnings and challenges. There is no better time than now, if you don't do it now and keep pushing your dreams and goals away, dreams will simply never become a reality.
Why full-time.
When it comes to blogging it's not as simple as taking a photo and posting. It requires spending at least 1 full day a week shooting, editing, scheduling, analyzing and keeping up with the latest trends and sharing them with the readers along with attending events as often as three times a week. Something that has started as a hobby has quickly turned into more and more time spent, I realized that keeping a day job where I did social media was not manageable. I decided to follow my dreams. Traveling has also always been a big part of my life and having a flexible schedule is very important, I am super excited to get back on the plane, dust off the passport and share my new journeys with you!
How I got to where I am. 
Lots and lots of long hours, days and weekends have been put in to get to where I am. Nothing comes easy, every campaign, collaboration requires planning, multiple shoots, editing, launching, follow-ups etc. Having a blog is just like having a Brand - it's just as stressful and rewarding. You'll get back what you put in. If you only do it as a hobby it will always stay that way, if you are starting one, make sure to know your goal before you do. Of course blogging has many rewards such as gifting, travel, events, meeting fellow bloggers so I do not mind the long hours I put in it because at the end of the day it truly is a dream job!
Right timing. 
Time is everything and before you jump into blogging as a full time job make sure to have a consistent income coming in, know editing and have a routine in process so that when you decide to do it you have it all down and you're just as busy as you'd be with a day job. It took me two years to get to where I am now and I am thankful to every single one of you and can't thank enough for all the support I've gotten!
What's next. 
My goal is to create more content to share on both - Instagram and blog, at least posting twice on here to share more personal style, bridal advice and anything else you babes want to see more of! Also, lots and lots of travel plans coming up, places including Italy, Morocco, Cuba, Greece and an amazing honeymoon trip that's currently in the plans and I cannot wait to tell you what destination we've chosen. I will also try to make it out to the events at least two/three times a week to share more of behind the scenes of Brands, new products etc. If you have anything you'd like to see, send me a DM or leave a comment below. 
My advice.
Consistency, originality and focus should be your best friends if you want to be successful. You can take a look at the 10 things I learned about blogging on HERE

Thanks to every one of you for all the support along the way <3

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