4 Piece Denim Wardrobe.

If there is anything else I love more than white clothes - it's denim. No matter whether it's a pair of a good ripped denim shorts, jeans or a top I am all for it!
There is nothing better than having versatile pieces you can keep styling over and over. Throughout the summer there is three items I go back to no matter where I am heading out to and today I am sharing them with you. 

My favorite pieces in denim:
  • Blue jean shorts. We all have that one pair of denim shorts that's our go-to at all times. Mine is the ripped, high-waist with pockets sticking out as shown above. I've found those on Windsor and have them on repeat on weekly bases. I am linking this pair at the bottom of the post in case you're on a lookout for a cool pair of denim shorts. 
  • Denim romper/jumpsuit. I own at least 10 denim rompers/jumpsuits and counting. It's such an easy piece to play around with, for the beach days it's fun to just wear it over a bikini and for a casual look have a tiny crop top under it. Denim romper can also come in very handy for a date night with a pair of cute heels, leather jacket over it and a statement belt. 
  • White denim shorts. As much as I love wearing the same jean shorts I gotta switch it up once in a while and there is just something about a pair of white denim shorts that easily elevates your look (& makes you look tanner hehe). Styling options to dress up white denim shorts are also endless as you can easily wear them from day-to-night vs. blue denim shorts having a more casual look to it. 
  • Denim jacket. Ah there is nothing better than having a one or a few haha good embroidered or patched up denim jackets in your closet. No matter where you're going or what you're doing you can never go wrong with it. It's such a fun and versatile piece when it comes to styling. Whether you want to wear it over the dress or a tank top it's all up to you. 

Thank you BEACH RIOT for partnering with me on this post. 


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