10 Things I Learned About Blogging.

What I've learned about blogging and tips for new bloggers. 

When we look at each other's profiles on social media platforms such as blogs and Instagram accounts we look at the big picture but there is a lot that goes into each post we see. Today I will cover some of the things I have learned along the way that are important whether you're starting off  or simply just need some advice.

1. Blogging is a full time job. 
Once you have decided to start a blog, be ready to put some serious hours into it. I update my blog at least 2-3 times a week by updating new content such as images and posts whether it's on travel, lifestyle or fashion. I spend about multiple hours a day on IG, emails, browsing through websites and creating content. Weekends are filled with photo shoots and creating more content. I've had a blog for just a little over two years now and it's about to reach 1 million views and I could not be more happy as I finally feel like hard work is paying out. Thanks to each one of you for support!

2. Instagram is like a cover of your book. 
Yes, your blog is where people head over to see more about the outfit or anything else you're posting about but the first thing they see is your Instagram - make it a great one. Each image should be a good representation of what's yet to come to the blog. Don't post too little and don't post too much, posting once a day is just a right amount. Iconosquare is a great app if you want to see your IG analytics. 

3. Be original.
Sometimes we get inspired by things we see on other accounts and yes, it's easy to replicate and copy but instead of taking the easy route - create and come up with your own content. Be original. If you see a beauty in something, capture it and share it that's the only way you'll get the following that truly loves you and your style!

4. Prepare to invest. 
When I started blogging I had no idea what it is going to take. In the beginning I was taking photos with my phone, shortly after realizing that quality was not the best on both - IG and the blog I had to start investing. Thankfully my family is extremely supportive and helped me in the beginning to get new cameras and lenses. If you're serious about blogging, invest in a few good lenses. 

5. Engage on all social media platforms. 
There is nothing better than getting to know those who leave comments on your IG or blog, they take their time out of the day to follow you and comment on your content, get to know them because that's your biggest support team!

6. Attend events with fellow bloggers. 
There is nothing better than having a little bubbly and hanging out with fellow blogger babes. I love attending blogger events, not only does everyone have the same interest but there is always something one can learn from the other. 

7. Don't stick to one thing only. 
It's really easy to get stuck on one subject on your blog. Posting about your style is probably the easiest one to do. Try to get more personal, post about travel, your lifestyle and tell those who visit your website and your IG your story. There has been many times where I've came across interesting IG accounts and wanted to learn more about the person, however their website had nothing about them, I left the website with a memory of cool photos but could not connect it to a person. 

8. Let it naturally turn into a job. 
A big mistake lots of people make is when they believe that they will get paid right away, it's not that easy. It takes a lot of work which includes lots of great images, content and feedback from readers. Give it time, enjoy it as a hobby and let it naturally turn into a job.

9. Find motivation. 
Browse around Instagram and find a few accounts that could motivate you. For example, by following a travel blogger will motivate you to travel and explore a different category for your content! Pinterest is great too, but it's not as personal to relate to -- however, it is great for creating mood board for your projects or style. 

10. Social media platforms you should be active on.
With social media growing at the speed of light it's becoming harder to keep up as there is new apps launching cllllll the time. It's important to constantly update your IG (duh!) - at least once a day, Pinterest (so that you can pin your posts from your blog and let other Pinners repin them on their accounts), Snapchat if you're a fan of video content.

11. Media card + rate card. 
It's a great way to lay it all out on one document to share with Brands, instead of explain your IG handles + following etc. Your media card should include it all, your social media platforms, following and so on. 

I hope you ladies find this post helpful and motivating! It's been a great journey of mine for the past two years and it all started with a simple idea of wanting to share my content with other people so follow your dreams, because you never know where they can take you. 

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