How I Edit My Photos.

Let's get right to it.
Quite some time has gone by since I did a post on how I edit my IG photos and as the process has changed I thought I will do another quick post on some tips! So there it goes. 

What apps to use for editing.
I have no patience for taking a long time for editing photos. As much of a perfectionist I am I have figured out easy and most importantly quick ways to edit all the pictures so that the feed stays consistent and in sync. VSCO app is my go to -- I only use A6 filter. 

VSCO editing process.
Filter A6. However many people use A4. I personally have purchased every one of them just in case I decide to change up the style.
Sharpness turn up to 5. You can either turn it up on VSCO or on IG, it is entirely up to your preference.
Temperature -10. Consistent temperature in each image will help it all look consistent when being placed next to each other. 

How to keep IG feed consistent.
Ok, so this is a tricky part. Process is always the same no matter what picture it is. However, you gotta make sure all the pictures have something in common, whether it's a touch of white or pink in it.  I do not take any photos at night or pretty much anytime after 3pm, simply because it wouldn't match with the rest of images on my feed and there would be obvious inconsistency. Try to always keep your feed interesting, best way is by switching it up -- shoefy/coffee picture/flowers/outfit/selfie and so on. 

Phone camera vs. professional.
Because IG is just an app, as much as it represents you I believe it also should be as natural as possible. Almost 95% of images on my IG are taken on iPhone 7 plus, on the other hand website should be kept more professional and filled with high quality images. I switch in between 3 lenses when taking photos for my blog depending on what it is I am shooting.

Hope this helps and answers all the questions you may have. 

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