Life Via Camera Roll. December

I am sooo so excited for this New Year, I have been looking forward to it for quite sometime and I am relieved it's finally here! I hope every single one of you have set new goals and let's try not to ditch them all a few weeks into January.
Just to name a few of my goals for 2017:
  • Eat healthier. Yes, junk food taste amazing but is it really worth it? Probably not. My first stop in the morning is the local bagel shop, and I am not talking about a multigrain bagels here hehe. I do not eat healthy at all, I love snacks and sweets and everything that's bad for me. But I have realized that as I get older my body is changing and feeling good about yourself is the most important part. Happy you, happy life. 
  • Exercise.  If you're like me and hate going to the gym, find something you like to do that is exercise. There is so many different options such as yoga, hot yoga, dance and many other classes to take at least a few times a week that will make a big impact. I myself have signed up for hot yoga classes and cannot wait to shape up my body and mind. 
  • Change mindset. We all have our own ways of doing everything and it sure isn't easy to change it. Try to find positive in everything that happens, even if you might think today is the worst day of your life, there is probably something amazing that happened this week or this month, think about that instead. Don't look at the small picture, always look at it as it has happened for a reason and it will shape your future in one way or another, I mean after all it did happen for a reason.
Here's an overload of photos from my phone's camera roll taken over the past month! All the items are linked at the bottom of the post. 


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