Summer days.

Happy Monday lovelies! I always get asked about my work out and my diet so today I am sharing one big part of my life - which is a fitness x fashion accessory that is always with me, no matter where my day takes me. Also, details on this cute - summer perfect look below!
Between a full time job, wedding planning and blog I honestly do not have time to go to the gym and spend hours in there. With always being on the go I can't be picky on what I eat as well, I grab a lot of bad junk food as I drive throughout the day haha. I am sure you can tell by looking at my "Life lately" posts that it barely ever consists of any healthy items.
ToTwoo is where fashion meets tech, I am not big on bracelets so I have gotten myself a necklace. In brief, it is a fashionable piece that tracks your steps throughout the day, calories consumed and gives you reminders if you have been sitting in one place for too long! It is also linked with an app on the phone which makes it easy to track and keep up with. 
If I have just a little too many sweets I always make sure to check back on the app and see how many calories that day I have burned and it almost always pushes me to walk a little more. Instead of parking right next to the place I am going to, I have started parking wherever is available and pushing myself just to walk a little bit extra, because at the end of the day every single one of those steps add up ladies! 
Now, just to tell you a little bit about my outfit -- pairing up short skirts x tops definitely is not as easy as it looks, I am sure some of you can relate. When wearing this mix of pieces during the day it can be a little risky. If the skirt is somewhat short, I always tend to cover up more on the top part - if skirt is long, top can be a little more open with a sneak peak of a lace bralette etc. 


Necklase: ToTwoo. Buy on here.
Shirt: Camixa. Buy on here.
Skirt: AE. Similar on here.
Handbag: Sole Society. Sold out in white but available in black on here.
Shoes: Manebi. Buy on here.

Photography by Ben Lioe

-xo, Sky Naite 

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