Lulu's Beach Party.

This previous weekend around here was pretty fun if you ask me, those of you that follow me on snapchat (@skynaitee) were probably overwhelmed by all the snaps from the event and friend's bday! I don't usually get out much, but when I do everything tends to fall on the same weekend. 
Lulu's is one of my favorite brands, you have seen many posts on both - my Instagram and the blog wearing their clothing items. They offer a large variety of flirty, summer looks that are perfect for these hot days in SO CAL.
I have attended quite a few blogger events over the past year, ever since I started blogging and I absolutely love it. The vibe at these events is great! Every single person is there for the same reason - have fun and take pictures! So here it goes, a few snaps from the event taken this past weekend. You an also find more images by looking up #LulusBeachParty on IG.

-xo, Sky Naite

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  1. Could you be any cuter! Love that suit.