Life Via Camera Roll.

It's that time again - for my all time favorite posts of life via camera roll! As happy I am that it is finally a summer time here in Los Angeles, I cannot wait for August. We have a trip planned out to London and Greece to scout out our wedding location and I just cannot hold all this excitement in for any longer.
For those of you that leave comments under my Instagram photos I am thankful for every single one of them. It gives a reason to post on here and share more information about the places or outfits on each of the images from Instagram.  Share some of your favorite spots in LA for me to check out! I love hearing about new trendy restaurants and spots! Also, any recommendations for London and Greece are welcomed.

Quick 24 hour trip to Vegas w my fiance && friends! If you followed me on Snapchat - sorry for the overload of videos!
My kinda #viewfromabove 
All about the tropical spaces around LA.
LA-> Vegas
Brunch views at the Wynn, Las Vegas.

Choker: Windsor. Shirt: ZARA
Brunch at Ysabel! I have finally checked this place off my list -- and I cannot wait to come back for dinner and try new items off the menu. This croissant skillet & avocado toast was delish, highly recommend getting it if you are there for breakfast/brunch.
Morning run for acai bowl :p
Choker & top: Windsor.
xo, Sky Naite


  1. I know I've told you before but seriously LOVEEEE all of your photos! They are so beautiful. Wish I had your editing skills.


  2. I highly recommend this place if you are thinking about to find a place for your wedding. We had our wedding party yesterday at this place and it was such a wonderful event. The ceremony site at wedding venues NYC is classy, the dining area is amazing, and the view is just icing on the cake.