Leather x Denim.

Summer is all about the flow dresses, florals and all things cute but sometimes it's good to keep a pair or two of leather pieces to create a more edgy look during this hot season. I absolutely love this combo of denim x leather x choker. 
There is just something so simple yet edgy about this look that is perfect for a daytime outfit. I am definitely a shorts kinda of a girl but jean shorts tend to create a more casual look which sometimes is not what we are looking for, and that is where leather shorts come in handy. For this look I paired it up with a minimalistic studded gladiator sandals to complete the edgy side of the look but it can be also worn with heels or even sneakers.

Almost always I have a denim or a neutral button down shirt with me in case I want to change up my look throughout the day. It's usually just laying around in the car, but it sure does come out handy from time to time! The denim shirt pictured is by Camixa, buy on here

Photography by Ben Lioe

-xo, Sky Naite 

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