White summer.

This weekend was all about spring cleaning and getting rid of all the dark clothes over here. It felt so good to put all the sweater and jackets away! As much as I love fall boots, jackets & winter accessories it is time for it all to go and make some space for summer wear.
Ruffles, fringe & lots of cute dresses are slowly taking over the empty space in the closet and just walking in and seeing light colors makes me happy! Today I wanted to share outfit details on this cute and casual summer look. When I first got this top I thought it would go perfectly with a skirt or some fancy pants..of course shortly after I decided that dressing it down and wearing it during the day creates a casual but chic look - just the way I like it! I love the open back and the bottom of the top as that creates more detail on the outfit. I am sure all of you have a part of the closet that is full of outfits which can only be worn for a night out - this summer try to pair up those tops with casual jeans and sneakers. You will be surprised how effortless it is to turn it into a cute day outfit.

Top: MorrisDay, buy on here.
Jeans: Windsor, buy on here.
Sneakers: Windsor, buy on here.
Handbag: Sole Society, buy on here.
Watch: Kapten & Son, buy on here.

One of my favorite sneakers that have been on repeat for quite some time now. It took me some time to get used to platform sneakers but I am in love && cannot stop wearing them now. A few of my shorter girlfriends have gotten them as well and they love it too. If you are looking for a cute, comfortable pair that adds some extra inches on your height as well these will be perfect for you!

All about minimalistic 

Photography by Ben Lioe

-xo, Sky Naite 

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