This & That.

Fig & Olive Restaurant.
Life lately over here consists of days full of splurging - my sweet tooth has gotten out out control! My mind says bikini body, but my tummy says feed me haha anyone else is feeling the same way? 
Also, if you would like to find out more about any of the places posted - please comment below.
If you are following me on Snapchat (@skynaitee) you probably saw my stories on trying a really cool restaurant Barton G and a lounge EP + LP. I have been wanting to check out these two spots for quite some time now and I am glad I finally did! Barton G is great for a date night, atmosphere is great and so are the drinks and food (keep in mind that portions are large, I recommend checking out their Yelp food posts before ordering to get a better idea). Menu might seem a little pricey but it is all about presentation over there. Steaks are served with a 3ft tall fork, popcorn shrimp in a popcorn maker machine and fish on a fishing pole. Gentlemen, if you are looking to take your lady on a date this is a great place to make a great first impression at.
After dinner we decided to walk down to a rooftop bar which is absolutely beautiful and serves bubble tea with alcohol!!!! - whoever came up with that idea is a master. I cannot believe it took me this long to check this bar out, I recommend going early - especially on a Friday as it does get pretty crowded as it gets later. 
If you are not from LA area make sure to bookmark these spots if you do make it out to LA sometime soon! 

Alfred Tea shop. 
Choker by Windsor.
Alfred Coffee. Yes I am a regular there haha #caffeinatedlife
Pretty spaces.
Malibu Rocky Oaks. Because wine && great friends are a great combo.
Gracias Madre Restaurant.
EP + LP Lounge.
-xo, Sky Naite


  1. LOVE your photos. Beautiful!

  2. I love your photos! I've been wanting to really get on my blogging.... you're an inspiration.