How I edit my IG photos.

Instagram has become a big part of our every day lives. It is not just photos we take, it shows our life via camera roll - who we are, what we like and represents our personality. Lately I have been getting a lot of messages asking what filters I use and how I keep my Instagram feed consistent. Today, I will share my daily routine of editing photos!
"Must have" apps to have on your phone for quick edits:
VSCO. Downloading all the filters the app provides is great, it gives you more options and let's you play around more with photos as free filters are somewhat limited. However, you may never use them but it is good to go back and forth through some options until you really decide how you want your feed to look like. My personal favorites are A4, A5, A6 - but there will be times when I will use different ones for a specific color scheme. After choosing a filter I turn sharpness up to 5-6.

LOOKSEE. Great and a quick way to brighten up photos. This app is my go-to before heading over to VSCO to add the filters.

When uploading content on Instagram, I lower down saturation to -5 to make sure it goes along with the rest of images.

These little tricks and routine will keep your Instagram feed looking beautiful and consistent. Creating an additional IG account to upload photos before your IG is also a great idea. There has been many times I delete a photo after posting it and seeing it does not look good next to other images.  
Another great way to keep your Instagram feed interesting and looking good is to switch up the photos - outfit, restaurant, food etc. Below are few screenshots of different color themes on my Instagram.

Hopefully you found this post helpful ! Please comment bellow with any additional questions & make sure to share your favorite apps for photo editing.
-xo, Sky Naite


  1. Thank you so much for this! Such a big help for someone just starting out in blogging. Do you do anything to your contrast or lighting in VSCO?


    1. P.S. on Looksee what filter do you use for brightening?

      Thanks girl!

    2. @Paigemiller Glad you like the post! - hopefully you find it helpful and useful for your own.

      In VSCO i do not do anything with contract, i do lighten up the picture if it is really dark. But i try to keep the feed consistent and do not take/post pictures taken in the evenings or night.
      For the "look see" - their filters do not have names, go towards the end and chose the last option (snowman haha) and chose the first filter under that option!

  2. Thanks so much for the tips! I'm also a new blogger - I have major feed envy of so many different bloggers and I'm still trying to decide myself how I want my own feed to be portrayed, so I'll definitely give these a try!

    I just wondered, when you reduce the saturation of your pics, do you do this using the Instagram saturation tool or within another app? I currently use Snapseed but I feel it can take so long to edit pics sometimes! Do you use any other apps bar the two mentioned above and play around with the ambience, clarity etc?

    I have found "UNUM" to be a great feed planning app, and it might save time uploading pics to a different IG account :)

    Thanks again lovely!

    Rachel x

    1. Hi Rachel! Oh you're so sweet :)

      I lower down saturation when posting directly on Instagram, by using their tool.

      Yes to UNUM ! I've recently downloaded and I am a huge fan already :) Way better than having an additional IG test account :)

      Keep up the good work, and share any new apps you come across - would love to know.

      xo, Sky