Mother's Day.

Hello && Happy mid week hehe (things that excite me lol - like Wednesday, because we are just that much closer to Friday) ! If you are not following me on Snapchat, make sure you do @skynaitee , I am still trying to figure some things out on there but overall I am definitely loving this fun app and snapping daily life via videos.
Today I wanted to do a quick post on some last minute gifts for our Mom's out there. If you have Amazon Prime, Easy, Marshall's next door in your neighborhood this is a perfect guide for you as all those places have some cute gems for this special day.

one. Peonies. Not just any flowers - peonies. We all are very aware of a short life of these little beauties but everyone wants to feel special and receive a flower that is so unique that is only around for few weeks. It is womanly, warm and blooms beautifully.

two. Candles. If I had to chose one gift for all the moms out there it would definitely be a candle. I am not quite sure how they use up all of them as I have one sitting at my home for years hehe but they sure make a use out of them. Marshall's & Home Goods offer a great variety of candles that come in a very nice wrapping already.

three.Coffee mug. Well this mug is not for every daughter out there to buy, but there is so many creative ones out there ! It is one of the items we use daily so why not make it cute too.

four. Nail polish set. This is another one of those products like a candle, as some of you might notice some moms love doing their own nails on their free time and testing out colors - mine has drawers full of different pallets of colors. I prefer getting Gel nail polishes as they are new in the market and last longer. 

five. Phone case. I really hope my mom does not read this before I go over there this weekend hehe but this case is already in her gift bag. Casetify offers a big variety of phone cases for any occasion you may have, but this one just seems perfect for Mother's Day.

six. Sunglasses storage box.  I am sure we have all broke at least one of our favorite sunglasses  over the past year or so because we tend on throwing them around in the car or in our purses. This helps keep all your favorites safe in one place - and easy to find ! 

-xo, Sky Naite 

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