Island Bridal. Wedding Diary.

&&& I am back at it with the wedding planning process. I have mentioned it before and I will say it again, it still feels like a dream and I keep wanting someone to pinch me from this perfect little dream. Reality of wedding planning kicks in only when I put a white wedding dress on or have to contact the wedding planners haha.
I will shortly do a post on how our destination wedding planning process is coming along as well! - any tips you ladies might have, send them my way. Recently Island Bridal had a pop-up trunk show here in Los Angeles and of course I had to go see the beautiful collection in person. If you are all about lace and detail like me - you will absolutely love their line. It offers timeless, detailed with lace and just simply gorgeous gowns for a bride to be to choose from. The trunk show took a place at a super cute local salon "Bride", if you have not yet checked it out I recommend heading over these to see a unique -  budget friendly dresses.
I came across Island Bridal after browsing around for months through many different designers and collections. What surprised about this designer is on how responsive and accommodating the owner was! Let me tell you if you want to be stress free I highly suggest checking out Island Bridal collection. They will be with you every step of the way, all the way from taking measurements to keeping you updated on the process all the way till the end until you are happy with the gown. Compared to many other bridal collections, Island Bridal is budget friendly. You get quality, beauty & amazing customer service all in one place. Now can we just take a moment to appreciate all the beautiful lace detail on these dresses !! - Sorry for a bad quality of photos as they were taken on the phone.

Island Bridal Collection on here.

-xo, Sky Naite 

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