Fashion For Breakfast.

Sunglasses: Windsor. Phone case: Casetify.

Happy Monday  ! I am sure we all sometimes feel out of place when it comes to taking a picture and realizing how much effort has to go into that haha not to mention those awkward angles we have to make in order to get that one great picture, you know what I am talking about ? Well, I have finally made it out to Fashion For Breakfast event && I finally felt like I belonged there ! 
Everyone in attendance snaps photos of their food, flowers && anything cute around them. It has made me realize how many women are passionate about learning and creating something of themselves. It is not only inspiring to be surrounded by so many powerful and creative people but also motivating to constantly keep following your dreams.

Fashion For Breakfast event has the founders of "Stone Cold Fox" as guest speakers, it is amazing to hear stories how women are slowly taking over the world. I am a strong believer in accomplishing anything you put your mind in, do not ever let anyone tell you otherwise ! Over the past few weeks I have made a big change of my life by changing careers and switching entirely to entertainment and fashion. Make sure to follow my Instagram @skynaite to see daily life of Sky pix haha ! 

-xo, Sky Naite

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