Rocky Oaks.

Rose, please.
Hello all !:) I have been snapping sooo many random photos this month that I have decided to split them up to different posts, that way I can not only share more photos but tell you more about every one of them as well. 

I feel like this year has been so far the craziest rollercoaster, every day has brought something new, whether it is good news or bad. Today I wanted to share some photos I took at Malibu Rocky Oaks, it has been quite some time since I shared photos from this venue ! If you have not seen the last post on this venue, it is under " lifestyle " category here on the blog. Malibu - ways away, but it is just so beautiful up there, it really makes you appreciate the beautiful nature of California. 
If you are looking for a venue to get married check them out ! They are chosen as one of the top venues in United States. 

Always in white. 
We got pretty lucky with the weather as well ! Even though with this event being the same week right after coming back from Lithuania, anything over a negative degrees would have been nice haha.


Top: Boutique store in LA. Similar on here , here and here
Skirt: Sabo Skirt. Same one on here and here.

Sunday Sunday. 
Always on the move haha. 
I love the combo of this eyelash top & maxi skirt. Even though it is a lot of cover-up, the skirt has a tie around bow and a slit that goes all the way up in the front, which gives it that extra touch on the outfit. Lace top is just so beautiful on it's own that there is barely any need for jewelry ! 
I also have the same outfit just in all black, long sleeve black eyelash top and a black plaid skirt which is perfect for a colder season ! However, when being worn- it looks completely different from this one which is great.

Dreamy views all around.
-xo, Sky Naite 

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