Hey sugar.

We are just days away from April ,hehe one of my favorite months of the year for quite a few reasons. Not only because it finally feels like summer is just around the corner, but it is also my birthday and our anniversary all in one month ! Not to mention Coachella which I am super excited to go to for the first time. 
Before I fade away into more talk about Coachella, which I will be doing quite a few posts on within the next month or so I wanted to share this look which I was inspired to do after browsing around through fellow blogger's websites. I have recently come across a blogger who is not afraid to step out of a comfort box and comes up with the most creative ideas such as "how to wear pajama out" , not to mention the blog post was great !
Anyhow, my post as you can see is not on how to wear a pajama out. I am stepping outside of my box and sharing something different than usual - how to turn shapewear into a fun , yet casual outfit for a day out. As some of you may know shapewear is usually worn underneath the clothing to smooth out the body so that the garment worn on top can fall & look perfect. Well, layering clothes on clothes did not appeal to me - so I have decided to try something new and just wear it the way it is. As you can see it shapes body perfectly and looks like any other outfit in your closet ! I will be sharing a few more looks of shapewear within a next few weeks & on different ways to style them. 


Dresses: Jewel Toned. Buy on here.
Flannels: F21. Similar styles on here and here.
Shoes: Windsor. Buy on here.

Photography by Ben Lioe

-xo, Sky Naite

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