Festival Of Brides.

Recently I have been invited to quite a few bridal events && I am totally loving this process. I wanted to do this post and share some of my experience and what have I learned about not only the wedding but myself and "us". 

Us, women can easily become selfish and consumed by all the exciting things involved in the wedding planning ! It is just so easy to get wrapped up in looking at floral designers, venues etc. and the next thing we know we have planned the entire wedding by ourselves. Well the key here is to take is slowly and make sure you are involving your other half in this process. I honestly am very thankful my fiance is very interested in the process and has many ideas to offer and is even interested in attending bridal events with me. Now that we have a date set reality is setting in and we are can start finalizing some of the details so make sure to keep checking back as our wedding is in August of 2017 and you sure will see many posts until then ! 
One of the best ways to involve your fiance to the wedding process is definitely by going to bridal events ! You can easily turn the day into the date day and have a little fun day with bottomless champagne and endless choices of cupcakes. In the meantime you will learn a lot of about each other and what you like. Best parts about strolling from one vendor to the other at the event is seeing your fiance's interests and what he likes. Many people have told me that deciding on things has been hard for them and bringing up wedding planning and making decisions was not easy. So let me tell you from my experience, seeing different floral designs and invitations in person helps both partners to come to an agreement much faster especially in a fun environment. 

Gift Bags <3 
Festival Of Brides event took place in the beautiful Marina Del Rey. It was not as big of an event as The Knot that I have recently posted about, however it was still a great variety of vendors and many great giveaways. Every time I have gone to a bridal event I have learned new things about wedding planning and discovered new ideas that we might have at ours. 
Endless cake tasting && bottomless champagne.
-xo, Sky Naite

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