Wedding Salon x The Knot.

Might have to steal this cute idea for an engagement party ! 
It has been quite some time now that I have been engaged, and I could honestly say the best part of planning the wedding is attending all the fun and amazing events ! I have recently went to The Wedding Salon & The Knot event at Montage in Beverly Hills, which consisted of bottomless drinks, endless options of cupcakes and many vendors that came together to present their wedding dresses, salons, catering and many other fun additions of the wedding.
I was told they do these events in New York, Chicago and many other big cities as well so keep an eye out if you are planning a wedding yourself ! You can also win many great prizes, such as cupcakes for your wedding or even a honeymoon getaway. Getting sucked into the process of wedding planning and losing all the fun of it is easy as you can stress yourself out very quickly. For that reason we are taking our time and planning one thing at a time ! 

When going to Bridal Events...
  • Wear comfortable shoes ! It is a lot of standing and walking around to cover all the booths to speak to all the vendors and try all the yummy things
  • If you know one of the vendors you would like to use will be there, try to talk about discounts etc. They are there to sell and look for new couples, you can't lose anything by simply asking what they offer.
  • Do not get a gift bag when you get to the event ! You will be dragging it around the entire time and will not be able to enjoy the event. Leave the best for last, get it right before you leave.
  • You do not have to bring a friend who is also engaged, I brought along my good friend who is not engaged just yet and she had a great time, she was excited to experience such a thing.
  • Ask away... If you see a bridal salon booth and have a question about designers they might carry, ask any questions you may have ! I asked about one of my all time favorite wedding dress designer and I was certainly not happy about the feedback they gave me but ... at least i know now what not to waste time on!
Sorry ahead of time for the quality of the photos which is not as good since I did not take my professional camera along that day ! 
I mean.... calories were definitely not being counted that day!

YUmmyyyyyy. I am drooling over this picture just by remembering how delicious everything was.
Wedding Salon x The Knot.
That moment when for some odd reason I thought this was watermelon juice and I drank the entire glass with one sip out of thirst....and realized it was the strongest margarita ever ! So delicious though && the presentation of mini glasses was super cute with a touch of watermelon.
Photo booth fun with my friend.
-xo, Sky Naite

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