Here && there I like to pull a dress out of a closet when the weather is a little warmer on some days, which as the matter of fact we have only had a few over the past month here in LA. So the minute the sun comes out you just gotta enjoy that day because you never know if we will have another week of rain.
This look is perfect for brunch with girlfriends ! It is fun, comfortable and is effortless. Also, if you have been following my style and blog for a while now you know I love mixing sneakers and dresses, I just love how simple and dressed down the outfit is, which of course can be changed easily just by adding heels.


Dress: Lioness Fashion. Buy on here.
Jacket: Lioness Fashion. Buy on here.
Shoes: Addidas. Similar styles on here and here.

Photography by Ben Lioe

-xo, Sky Naite

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