Bundled up.

Happy Fridayyyyy!!! Another week has gone by and I am so ready for another fun weekend which will be a continued search of the wedding dress. I will be doing posts on the search for the perfect wedding dress almost every week.. of course until i find THE ONE. So make sure to check back, especially if you are planning your own wedding at the moment as well and want to get some tips and ideas of it. 

I snapped a few photos this week of this cute look that is just perfect for a cold winter day, which surprisingly we had quite a few of these pasts months here in Los Angeles, CA. Greys && whites are just so easy to mix and if you are scared of colors like me hehe this is a great look. I also love adding a belt for that extra detail on the outfit. So do not be scared to play around with some belts you have hanging in the closet, because this might be a good time to make a use out of it ! 


Trench coat: Lioness Fashion. Buy on here.
Jeans: Asos. Buy on here.
Shoes: Chinese Laundry. Similar styles on here and here.

Lioness Fashion also offers many different styles of coats, which sometimes is hard to find so make sure to check out their website. I personally own about four of them and they are all from there! :) 

-xo, Sky Naite

Photography by Ben Lioe

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